PA-3500 Mixing Amplifier



• Max Output: 2000W + 2000W Watts
• Built-in Digital USB/MP3 Playback Module
• Console Separate Adjustment
• Digital Optical & Coax Input
• 6 Audio Inputs: Air-M/DVD/HD/USB/HDD/AUX Module
• 3 Video Inputs: DVD/HDD/AUX Module
• 1 RCA Audio/Video Output
• 3 HDMI Inputs & 1 HDMI Output
• 1/4" Microphone Input Front, 2 Balance 1/4" Microphone Inputs Back
• USB Port Recording & Playback
• Music Controls: Low, Mid, High, Balance, Volume
• Microphone Controls: Delay, Repeat, Echo, Low, High Volume
• Microphone Volume Controls for Low, Mid, High, Echo, Balance, Volume for individual microphones
• 16 Bit Digital Key Controls
• Microphone Built-in Repeat & Delay Functions
• Master Microphone Volume Control
• Master Music Volume Control
• 4 Audio Outputs (Sub-Woofer Out, Record Out, Line Out, Mic Out (High/Low)
• 4 Banana Plug Speaker Connectors & 2 Speakon Plug Connectors
• Built-in BBE Sonic Maximizer for both vocal and music
• Bluetooth Function Air-M
• Temperature-Active, Ultra-Low-Noise Fan for non-stop operation
• Full Function Remote Control
• 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
• Design in TEXAS USA
Peak Power: Harness the might of a staggering 4000 watts at peak power, ensuring your performance fills every corner of the room with rich, dynamic sound.
Versatile Connectivity: Whether you're streaming a track via Bluetooth, connecting through HDMI for a visual treat, or opting for optical audio input, the PA-3500 seamlessly integrates with your setup, offering a diverse range of input options for all your entertainment needs.
Microphone Mastery: Cater to a group performance or a multi-instrumentalist session with 5 dedicated microphone inputs. The PA-3500 ensures that every voice, every note, is captured with clarity and precision.
Pristine Audio Experience: With its advanced circuitry and design, the PA-3500 provides a clear, rich, and distortion-free sound, turning your karaoke nights into professional-sounding concert experiences.
Ergonomic Design: Crafted with a sleek, user-friendly interface, the PA-3500 boasts easy-to-use controls, allowing performers and sound technicians alike to dial in settings with ease and accuracy.
Discover a new echelon of karaoke sound quality and versatility with the SSKAUDIO PA-3500 Mixing Amplifier. Your audience won't just hear the difference – they'll feel it. Whether you're a professional setting up for an event or a passionate enthusiast at home, make every performance unforgettable with SSKAUDIO.


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