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Our mission is to help you relax, rejuvenate, and live a better life


Pamaland has been established since 2019. We are wholesale and retail. We mainly focused on massage chair and Karaoke products. Our mission is to connect customers with quality products at affordable prices to exceed their expectations. We offer a variety of products from screened suppliers to make your search simple and competitive, saving you time and money. Further, our customer service is the best in the industry so you always have our support from your exploration, through ordering, and ultimately seamless delivery. You can check our reviews for more trustful information. We have sold and delivered to +1000 customer’s house, make sure everybody is happy. We will try best to bring the best value to customer. Our philosophy is “CUSTOMER IS THE ROOT OF PAMALAND” so we will honor what our philosophy is.

We understand this is a significant investment! Our representatives believe our customer always comes first. We invite you to call to explore your interests and needs. We will put our expertise to work to answer all of your questions. If your inquiry requires research, we will gladly assist and go the extra mile to address your request. Our company utilizes a database of past inquiries so when you work with our team, you have access to all customer inquiries and solutions.

 Any concern or any questions. Feel free to contact us.

Email: support@pamaland.com

Store location: 3555 West Walnut St, Ste A, Garland, Tx 75042

Phone number: 469-618-2879

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 Below are some reviews from our customers

“Very good. Highly recommended.”

Paul Chanthasensak • Pamaland Customer

“Tôi mới mua ghê Dcore tại Pamaland, rất ung ý. Nhan viên nhiệt tình. Sản phẩm tốt.”

Toi Binh Tran • Pamaland Customer

“Dan karaoke hát rất hay. Microphone hát rất nhẹ và dan hát không hú. Tôi đã mua dàn 4000W. Mua ủng hộ Pamaland.”

Bach Van • Pamaland Customer

Toi moi mua dàn karaoke ở Pamaland. Nhan viên nhiệt tình, dan máy rất hay”

Vickie Nguyen • Pamaland Customer